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UPcoming Webinars

Tools for Connection: A Positive Start to Your School Year

August 4, 2021 @ 12:00-13:15 GMT

Register Here for the Tools for Connection Counselor Chat

During this Counselor Chat we will be sharing resources, insights and ideas. Kick start your year off through breakout chats where we will have more opportunities to connect and prepare to start the year of strong.

Note: Counselor Chats are not recorded events; additionally, no professional development hour (PDH) certificate is given for this event.  Please attend live to be part of the engaging conversations with counselor colleagues from around the world. 


Shira Fisher, HS Counselors, Singapore American School;

Chrystal Kelly, HS Counselor, The American International School of Muscat;

Lynn Koglemann, ES Counselor, International School of Kuala Lumpur

The Power of Thoughts: Using Cognitive Behavioral Strategies

with Younger Children 

August 16, 2021 @ 12:00-13:15 GMT

Register Here for the Power of Thoughts 

One of a school counselor’s most important jobs is to help our students make choices and practice behaviors that are positive and healthy. By examining the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies counselors can do just that. CBT is an evidence-based approach that is easy to implement in a school setting. But for younger kids, eight years and below, the concept is quite abstract, but not impossible!

In this workshop, participants will learn:

  • What CBT is and why it is useful for younger students.
  • Accessible, concrete, and effective strategies to integrate with younger students.
  • How to use chaining (scaffolding) to introduce CBT to younger children.
  • How to reinforce the strategies in the classroom and with parents.

Speaker: Makia Matheis, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)

Makia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a passion for working with families, youth, and young adults. You might also refer to her as a mother, helper, advocate, listener, agent for change, therapist, or counselor! Makia believes that we are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, values, and life experiences. Part of her work is understanding her clients, their difficulties, and focusing on their strengths.

Prior to becoming a therapist, she was a teacher. Through teaching, she found that the one-on-one working relationship with each of her students and the parents' alliance was an essential part of their learning and growth. After leaving the teaching field, she earned a Masters of Clinical Social Work from the University of Denver with a concentration in family systems. She has worked with adults, children, and families in various settings, including hospitals, public and private schools, and community-based organizations. 

The ABCs of ASD: What School Counselors Need to Know to Support

Neurodiverse Children

September 23, 2021 @ 13:00 - 14:00 GMT

Register Here for The ABCs of ASD

A webinar focused on how school counselors can best support students on the Autism Spectrum in the international school environment. This workshop will be an introduction of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and the diversity therein. We will discuss how students on the Autism spectrum might differ from their neurotypical peers in both their learning and social/emotional development; current best practices for supporting students on the spectrum; how to support teachers to differentiate based on the needs of their students; and practical strategies to directly implement with students.

Learning Outcomes

  • Overview of the basics of Autism Spectrum Disorder, how it is diagnosed, and it’s diversity.
  • How to support neurodiverse students and their teachers in an international school environment
  • Learn about the support systems that help ensure students are successful
  • Gain practical strategies to use in your school

Speaker: Emily Pye, Special Education Specialist for children with mild to severe learning and behavioral needs

Emily has a Masters degree in Early Intervention from the University of Oregon. She has spent most of her career focusing on interventions designed for children with autism, social-emotional difficulties, language delays, and behavioral challenges. She also works closely with families to enable them to support their children's needs in the home. 


In 2018, she began working in the international school environment in Berlin, Germany. Her experience establishing a special educational needs department at Berlin Cosmopolitan School gave her keen insight into the advantages and challenges faced by students with learning diversities in an international school environment. 


Emily specializes in: early childhood development and early intervention, social-emotional development, behavioral challenges, learning diversities in international schools, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), family coaching, and early math and literacy acquisition. 

Interpreting Ed Psych Reports: What Every School Counselor Needs

to Know & Where To Find it!

October 19, 2021 @ 10:00-11:00 GMT 

Register Here for Interpreting Ed Psych Reports

You often receive psychoeducational evaluations for students in your school that leave you wondering what to actually do with the information? Even worse, do some reports leave you feeling more confused about what the author is trying to say than before you even started reading it? While the assessment tools and writing styles of evaluators will always vary, this webinar will lead you through a "common sense" interpretation of many frequently-used assessments and their scores, as well as what information to zero in on to take away to help focus your work with students. We will also consider the impact of diverse educational practices, acculturative stress, and multilingualism on students' learning journeys.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to understand commonly used testing scores from a practical viewpoint
  • Understand some "clues" that may help you zero in on assessments that don't directly measure social/emotional skills, but may suggest ideas to consider for your students
  • Multicultural considerations in assessment and treatment.

Speaker: Lindsey Wixson, School Psychologist & Dr Christina Limbird, Educational Psychologist and Founding Partner of Linden Global Education 

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