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UPcoming Webinars

Welcome Back to Campus

Tuesday, April 20, 2021 @ 11:00 GMT/ 19:00 Shanghai Time

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Schools in China have been back on campus since May 2020. They have learned many lessons, most of them the hard way,about what it requires mentally, emotionally, and physically to be on campus after Distance Learning for both staff and students.

In this webinar, Janice Holland and her team will talk about their experience, and the mental and emotional state of the staff and students as they return to campus both short and long term.

During the webinar we will share:

  • Practical suggestions on how to support staff and students, as well as helpful activities and resources.
  • Importance of long term strategies.
  • What was not helpful as we navigating next steps during this unprecedented time.
  • Insight and tools so other schools can be as equipped as possible in sustainable social emotional care and support.

The return to school is anything but "normal". The students and staff have varying degrees of capacity for managing this new reality. As counselors, and the mental health advocates on the ground, it is up to us to provide support and resources, which can often feel inadequate. We are hopeful this webinar will help others feel more prepared and confident as you enter the uncharted waters of life after distance learning.

Speaker: Janice Holland, Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S)

Janice is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor in the state of Texas, a certified Trauma Model Therapist through The Ross Institute, and an international school counselor in China. Prior to moving overseas, Janice owned a private practice in Dallas, Texas, where she specialized in the emotional impact and subsequent treatment of Trauma. Her greatest interest is in training other therapists in understanding how adverse life experiences impacts us as humans and how we, as mental health professionals, can help. She has presented at the ISCA Annual Conference 2019 in Belgium on Trauma, as well as the 2021 virtual Collaborative.

What Speech Therapists Want Every International School Counselor to Know

May 19, 2021 @ 13:00-14:00 GMT

Register Here for the Speech Therapist Webinar on May 19th

This workshop will provide an insight into the world of speech therapy and what speech therapists do to support international school students in their speech, language and communication development. Participants will receive practical tips and tools for helping students when there is no speech therapist at your school or local community. We will also share tips on how to navigate cultural differences in understanding speech therapy.

By the end of the workshop, school counselors will:

  • Learn how SLPs help children’s with various diagnosis  
  • Learn about when to refer a student to a speech therapist 
  • How to talk to parents/caregivers about speech therapy and how to navigate cultural differences
  • Practical tips for what to do when there is no speech therapist available in your school and how to incorporate functional communication during your sessions
  • Learn about AAC (Alternative Augmentative Communication) with non-verbal kids; their importance and what you can do to further help them communicate and participate.
Speakers: Sarah Vella, Speech & Movement Therapist; Abigail Harrington, Speech & Language Pathologist; Sonya Bansal, Speech Therapist

Learn more and register for the Fall Consultation Circles with Linden here!

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