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Thanks to the following ISCA Supporting Organizations:

The Council of International Schools is a global non-profit membership organization, CIS provides services to primary and secondary schoolshigher education institutions and individuals that share these ideals:

  • a desire to provide students with the knowledge, skills and abilities to pursue their lives as global citizens; and
  • a commitment to high quality international education.

To achieve this goal, CIS members must infuse their programmes and offerings with international and intercultural perspective so that students can move forward with the attitudes and understanding that will provide them with a solid base wherever their studies or work may take them. 

The Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) was founded over 50 years ago to support the professional learning needs and school improvement strategies of international schools on the continent of Africa. A non-profit membership organisation, AISA is dedicated to transforming student learning by leading and supporting professional growth, good governance, strategic thinking, and the wellbeing of the entire AISA community of schools.

Emily Meadows (she/her) is an LGBTQ+ consultant and published author specializing in international schools. Emily creates an environment that is non-judgmental and engaging for her clients, while taking an intersectional approach that addresses both the why and the how of inclusion so that school communities become confident and competent supporting LGBTQ+ students. In addition to her doctoral degree, Emily holds master’s degrees in both Sexual Health and Counseling, and has worked as an international school counselor for over a decade. She researches, publishes, and trains school communities on equitable policy and practice, while also teaching for the LGBT Health Policy & Practice graduate program at George Washington University. 

Lehigh University offers Global Programs specifically designed for international educators and administrators. With online classes in fall, winter, and spring, and an in-person intensive every summer, our hybrid model fits your busy schedule. The International School Counseling masters degree and certificate programs are well known in the US and across the globe for our theory to practice model. Deepen your professional growth by joining our network of students and alumni working around the world.

The MARIO Framework also provides resources, professional development, and a collaborative network benefiting student success in our global community. Additionally, we provide software that is provides significant benefits to school counselors in international schools.

Pathways for Prevention is a global substance misuse organization led by a group of highly experienced prevention educators with over 40 years of combined experience. Pathways for Prevention uses evidence-based research and resources to deliver substance misuse education programs and comprehensive prevention consultation to international school communities around the world.

Summer Discovery delivers transformative academic and extra-curricular pre-college summer experiences aimed to develop middle and high school students for the 21st century, all while teaching transferable and soft skills coveted by employers and university admissions teams.  In partnership with top universities in the US and UK, Summer Discovery offers academic subjects include Art and Design, Business and Entrepreneurship, Law and Government, Leadership, Life Skills, Medicine, Social Sciences, Sports Management, and STEM (among many others!).

In addition, Summer Discovery offers academic programs for gifted, academically talented, and creative students in grades 1-11 through Summer Institute for the Gifted (SIG). As a leader in gifted education since 1984, SIG summer programs emphasize developing the whole person and letting students strengthen their creativity and problem-solving skills while pursuing their passions and preparing them for college and professional careers.

ChildSafeguarding.com offers online Child Protection training for educators, support staff, and volunteers working in schools. Our course are universally accessible and available in multiple languages.

Our assessments are used by international schools in over 100 countries worldwide to drive the delivery of differentiation in the classroom; support inclusion initiatives and to inform whole-school wellbeing strategies.

Our multidisciplinary team offers online and on-site services for everyone involved in the social, emotional, and academic  development of international students. From Berlin, the center of Europe, to wherever you are in the world, we offer tailored and comprehensive staff and student support services to help global schools and global children thrive.

One Trusted Adult offers research-based programs and training that give school counselors and educators the tools they need to build strong connections and healthy boundaries with students, and teach students personal skills for community contribution.

Visit onetrustedadult.com or email Kim@onetrustedadult.com to learn more about OTA's Advisory Programs, Student Leadership Courses and Professional Development Training! 

Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) offers a home to anyone committed to healthy transitions and attachment security. Well managed cross-cultural transitions can add significant value to a life and a learning journey. SPAN is a leader in positive transitions-care and connects, equips and refreshes transitions-care providers around the globe.

The College of New Jersey launched their CACREP accredited, Master’s Degree in School Counseling program in Lisbon, Portugal.  The program prepares Professional School Counselors to work in K-12 school settings across the globe.   All courses focus on experiential learning and can be completed in just two academic years online plus summers face-to-face in Lisbon. 

Global Advisor Group, like ISCA, is dedicated to serving the international school community. Our advisors, with decades of industry experience, use their extensive knowledge of the complex financial planning needs of expatriate Americans, foreign nationals and international educational institutions to guide our clients with integrity, objectivity and perspective.

Prevention Ed is a global substance use prevention organization for youth, educators, and parents working with international school communities all over the world. Our team of clinically trained Prevention Specialists are not only in long-term recovery from addiction but also have clinical degrees in behavioral health. Our personal stories of recovery powerfully animate our evidence-based lessons on alcohol, other drugs, teenage brain development, media literacy, social norms, and discuss the critical connection between mental health and substance use.

SCUTA is a web-based documentation and use-of-time analysis tool developed by school counselors for school counselors. Counselors use SCUTA worldwide to keep accurate records of their work, log MTSS services, assess program delivery, and implement an evidence-based, data-driven school counseling program.

Unifrog is an online platform that helps students around the world find the best next steps for them, and create the best applications. At the same time, the platform supports teachers and counselors to provide the best support possible to their students.

SENIA International is a global non-profit organization dedicated to promoting inclusive education. Their mission is to champion inclusion by empowering the global community to connect, learn, and advocate for one another, with a vision to live in an inclusive world. SENIA offers an array of evidence-based resources and connection opportunities for educators, administrators, and families through newsletters, podcasts, conferences, membership networking, outreach campaigns, scholarships, and coursework.

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