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Together, Cheryl and Brooke form a dynamic and synergistic leadership team at ISCA, combining their extensive experience and passion for education to drive the organization forward and promote excellence in school counseling on an international level.

Founder and Director

Cheryl Brown, M.A. in International Affairs and French Studies and a Certified Teacher, brings a wealth of experience to her role as Founder and Director of ISCA. With over thirteen years of experience in international schools, Cheryl has demonstrated her passion for education through her extensive work in high school counseling across six countries: Pakistan, England, Indonesia, China, Poland, and Oman.

In addition to her background in education, Cheryl has made significant contributions to NGOs, multinational corporations, and government organizations worldwide. Her expertise includes managing policies at an educational accreditation agency, where she focused on enhancing and maintaining the standards and quality of educational programs.

Cheryl is also the co-developer and co-researcher of the International Model for School Counseling Programs, published in both 2011 and 2022. This groundbreaking work has had a lasting impact on the field, highlighting Cheryl's commitment to fostering excellence in education on a global scale.

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Founder and Director

Brooke Fezler, M.A. in Counseling, serves as the Founder and Director of ISCA, bringing her vast experience in international school counseling to the organization. Since 2005, Brooke has worked across five countries - Indonesia, Argentina, France, Brazil, and Spain - making a significant impact in the field of education.

Before her career in counseling, Brooke gained valuable experience working in advertising and marketing for major agencies in the United States. This background has equipped her with the skills to effectively coordinate school-wide initiatives, promoting the implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs.

As a testament to her dedication to the advancement of education, Brooke is also the co-developer and co-researcher of the International Model for School Counseling Programs, published in 2011 and 2022. Her collaborative work in this groundbreaking research demonstrates her unwavering commitment to elevating the standards and practices in school counseling on an international level.

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