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We now have the opportunity to offer two new certificate programs to the international school community: (1) the ISCA Certified Counselor and (2) the ISCA Specialization Certificate. Both programs will equip graduates with the most relevant and current knowledge and skills related to international school counseling. ISCA has created these programs so that individuals around the world are empowered to build, enhance, and sustain comprehensive and preventative counseling and student support programs based on the ISCA International Model for School Counseling Programs.

Our vision for the ISCA Certified Counselor program and the ISCA Specialization Certificate program is to upskill and train counselors and other educators to ensure that every student, regardless of which international school they attend, experiences a consistent and high-quality and effective system of holistic support. Aligned with the ISCA Standards, our curriculum focuses on promoting social-emotional growth, encouraging a global perspective, supporting identity development, enhancing academic skills, and guiding students in career exploration. Participants enrolled in the new ISCA Certificate Programs will learn to create and enhance inclusive and engaging learning environments that nurture students' well-being, cultural awareness, academic excellence, and career readiness, by preparing students for success in life beyond the classroom.

We do this through intentionally designed courses that offer on-going training, specific to the current challenges and needs identified by international school counselors. In this rapidly changing world, students in international school communities have more needs and demands than ever, regarding their academic learning, social emotional skills, expectations in school and at home. Along with rising mental health issues, on-going training in these areas is essential. The new ISCA Certificate Programs are proactively designed to meet these needs.

Our new programs are innovative in design and facilitated by experts in the field. The new offerings will provide opportunities to learn and grow regardless of what stage the participant is in their international educational career. 

What is the objective of the two certificate programs?

The certificate programs are based on the philosophy of the ISCA International Model (2022) which is a framework for encouraging and promoting comprehensive and preventative practices among international school counselors. As school counselors it is essential to understand the framework of the International Model. Thus, the certificate program offers specific courses that offer a foundational understanding the ISCA Model as well as in-depth theory and practical knowledge on a variety of topics related to the role of a counselor. This is further enhanced though the specialization certificate program.

Who is eligible to participate in the new ISCA Certificate Program?

The ISCA Certificate program is open to all who are interested.  Bachelors degree or equivalent is a minimum requirement.  Please note that all courses are taught in English.

Minimum academic and working experience recommendation: To be successful in this program, participants should have experience working in an international school, national public or private school, or university. The Certificate Programs is for the candidate who has knowledge of working in a school setting, with students of various ages. The Programs are not designed as an introduction to working in a school setting and candidates should have experience to be successful.

Who is the ISCA Certified Counselor program designed for?

Whether new to the field or a seasoned professional, continuous professional learning is crucial for school counselors and educators in international settings.

The program is designed by ISCA and is based on the needs and gaps identified in traditional and non-traditional counselor education programs. Of particular interest, the ISCA Certified Counselor programs are perfect for the following groups:

  • Practicing Counselors: Individuals currently serving as school counselors will benefit from this program by enhancing and updating their skills, ensuring they remain effective and relevant in international school settings. 

  • Newly Graduated Counselors: Recent graduates with degrees in counseling or related fields who are entering the profession and seeking training in international school counseling.

  • Career Changers: Professionals from related fields such as education, psychology, or social work who are looking to make a career change into school counseling within international school settings and require focused training to make a smooth transition into this new profession. 

  • International Educators: Teachers or administrators currently working in international schools who have a keen interest in counseling and wish to expand their skill set to incorporate counseling responsibilities into their roles more effectively.

  • Continuing Education Seekers: School counselors, regardless of their level of experience, who are committed to continuous professional development and recognize the importance of staying updated with the latest trends, research, and best practices in school counseling, particularly within international contexts.

This program is also valuable for those new to international schools, providing them with training to excel in their roles as school counselors within this unique educational context.

Why should someone participate in the new ISCA Certificate Programs?

We have highlighted below some of the benefits to becoming an ISCA Certified Counselor:

1. Professional Recognition: ISCA certification provides formal recognition of a persons expertise and dedication to the profession and building comprehensive school counseling programs. This recognition is not only valuable within the counseling community but is also acknowledged and respected by school leaders, administrators, and colleagues internationally. The certificate program is based on the philosophy of the ISCA International Model (2022). As school counselors, it is essential to understand the framework of the International Model. Thus, the certificate program offers specific courses that offer a foundational understanding of the Model as well as in-depth theory and practical knowledge on a variety of topics related to the role of a counselor. 

2. Recognized by School Leaders: ISCA certification serves as a benchmark for school leaders to identify counselors who have undergone rigorous training, adhere to ethical standards, and possess the necessary skills to effectively support students in an international school setting with the ISCA Model as the foundation for a comprehensive counseling program.

3. Enhanced Skills and Knowledge Specific for Working in International Schools: ISCA certification equips participants with specialized skills and knowledge tailored to the unique needs and challenges in international schools.

4. Career Advancement: ISCA certification opens up opportunities for career advancement within the field of school counseling and international schools. Certified individuals are often preferred candidates for counseling jobs, leadership roles, specialized positions, and opportunities for professional development and growth.

5. Community: ISCA membership provides access to a supportive community of school counselors, both locally and globally. This network offers opportunities for collaboration, sharing best practices, seeking advice, and building professional relationships that can enrich one's career and personal development.

6. Personal Fulfillment: For many educators, making a positive impact on the lives of students is a source of deep personal fulfilment. ISCA certification validates their dedication and commitment to supporting students' academic, social, and emotional well-being, contributing to a sense of purpose and satisfaction in their work.

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