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The International School Counselor Association (ISCA) and Registrants establish and agree to the following terms and conditions for participation in events.

Should you have any questions regarding the information below, please contact:

Cheryl Brown
Executive Director, ISCA

Event Participation

Details about a specific event, the registration process and fees will be published  on the ISCA Event Registration Site, and distributed via email to prospective participants. Should additional expectations apply for specific events, they will be provided as part of the event registration process and published on the event registration web page. ISCA reserves the right to amend any part of the event's program if necessary at any time.

Event Fees

Event registration will not be completed or confirmed until the event fee payment has been received. Registrants must submit payment within 15 days of the date of submission of the registration form in order to secure registration. The Registrant is solely responsible for any and all fees charged by the payment issuer, bank, or financial institution including, but not limited to, membership, overdraft, and insufficient funds and over the credit-limit fees.

REfund and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of event registration must be made in writing via email to ISCA at info@iscainfo.com. Cancellations made up to 90 days will incur and administrative fee of $100.  Cancellations made up to 60 days before the event will incur an administrative fee of 200 USD. Cancellations made 59 days or less before the event, or non-attendance at the event itself, will not be refunded. It is the Registrant's responsibility to secure a visa to travel to the Institute/Conference location.  The cancellation policy as noted above will be strictly adhered to.

Assurances and Liability

ISCA is not liable (i) for loss or damage in the event, as a result of unforeseen circumstances of such a nature as to justify any of the following, the event is cancelled, wholly or partly, the venue is changed, the times are changed, one or more elements of the event are amended or speakers are replaced or (ii) loss or damage sustained during or in connection with the event, other than as a result of intent or gross negligence. In no event will ISCA be liable for loss or damage exceeding the amount for which it is covered by event or liability insurance. Registrants will indemnify ISCA and hold it harmless in the event a third party makes a claim against ISCA in connection to the Registrant's attendance at the event.

Registrants should make their own arrangements with respect to personal insurance, along with travel insurance, flights, visas, etc.


At the International School Counselor Association, LLC (“ISCA"), we take our customers’ privacy very seriously. We collect only the information necessary our customers entrust us with. All information given to us by our customers is used to carry out our business effectively, for record keeping and to fulfill our customers’ requests. Rest assured that the information received through this website or other means is secure and only handled by authorized personnel. Customer information will not be shared with any third party outside of our organization.

Data Privacy and Protection

Registrants will voluntarily provide ISCA with their personal data and consent to ISCA processing the data for event registration purposes, including third party processors. Registrants further acknowledge and consent to the sharing of their personal data with other ISCA Members and event participants.

ISCA frequently photographs and/or records its events. By attending a ISCA event, Registrants consent to being recorded and/or photographed, and authorize ISCA to use any recording and/or photographs in any medium (web, digital, print, broadcast) throughout the world at ISCA's sole and exclusive discretion.

Governing Law and Venue

The terms of event registration will be governed by United States (Virginia and Delaware) law except insofar as the law of the jurisdiction where the event is held overrules that law.


The Registrant has read and agrees to the above Terms and Conditions of Event Participation.

(adapted from www.cois.org)

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