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We know that counselors are the heart of a school. When the heart is strong- your school stays healthy. Our Consultation Circles for School Counselors is designed to provide counselors with the care and support they need to navigate the challenges of their work and thrive. The team of mental health practitioners at Linden Global Learning provide a confidential platform and safe space for counselors to discuss challenging cases, brainstorm creative solutions to complex situations, and most importantly, share their successes.

Register here by February 5th! 


Led by a Linden mental health specialist, sessions will provide a clinical perspective and access to resources and tools from the contributions of over 100 international school counselors. Designed to highlight the rich knowledge and diverse perspectives that counselors around the world bring, each session will feature the following components:

  • Gratitude Circle: Each counselor will have the opportunity to share their weekly successes.
  • Case Presentations: 2-3 counselors will present a challenge or case from their respective schools.

  • Special Topics: 1-2 sessions will be dedicated to a deep dive into culturally sensitive trauma-informed practices, aimed at equipping teachers with the knowledge and skills to effectively support the school community.

  • Insight & Idea Sharing: Counselors are encouraged to contribute by sharing an insight,  idea or a resource.

  • Closing: The facilitators will summarize and conclude the session and provide resources based on the topics discussed and shared insights. Facilitators may also lead a brief mindfulness/grounding exercise to promote self-awareness and resilience.

  • Final session: Participants will reflect on their learnings and personal growth.

February to may Schedule & Timeline 

Groups will meet 8x from February 12 through May 2024. Each session will meet for 90-minutes. A complete schedule is below: 

how big is the group?

Circles will be composed of five to eight international school counselors per group, who will remain together as a cohort for the 8 sessions.

Who are linden Global learning facilitators?

The facilitators at Linden Global Learning are experienced, culturally competent counselors with a wealth of experience working with international schools and third-culture kids. They offer guidance during sessions and also strive to cultivate dynamic, strength-focused conversations that leave participants feeling seen, heard, and energized by the end of each session.


We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of all students. Participants will be required to sign confidentiality agreements before joining a group. We create a safe space for counselors to openly discuss their challenges in a supportive and confidential environment.

How can I register? 

Register for the Counseling Consultation Circles by February 5th .  Circles will start the week of February 12th.


The cost for ISCA Members is $400 and Non ISCA Members is $460. If you are interested in becoming an ISCA Member you can visit this page and receive more discounts on our events and offerings. 

About Linden Global Learning & Support Services 

Linden Global Learning & Support Services provide much needed educational and therapeutic support to international students and schools anywhere in the world. From Berlin, the heart of Europe, to anywhere in the world, we offer tailored support to ensure the academic success and emotional well-being of all learners.



Noa is a Clinical Child Psychologist and holds the roles of Head of Counseling Services, Safeguarding Officer, and International School Crisis Support Team Lead at Linden Global Learning. Noa holds a Master’s degree in child clinical psychology from Bar-Ilan University and has several years of experience applying various therapeutic interventions in public health care clinics in Israel. Noa has also worked as a school psychologist, conducting psychoeducational assessments in the city of Holon, Israel. For the past 7 years, Noa has worked as a school and child psychologist focusing on supporting students from international schools. She has led multiple ISCA consultation circles and webinars for international school counselors around the world. Noa also leads crisis support groups for international school staff and families facing war and conflict in the Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.


Oulaya, a counselor with a Master's degree in School Counseling from the Lebanese American University, emphasizes the positive impact of social and emotional well-being on academic success. Specializing in individual and group counseling, she addresses social behavior, emotional concerns, and academic achievement for students of all ages. As a dedicated Child Protection Officer, Oulaya handles cases for students aged 3-18, ensuring their needs are met with respect and dignity. Amid the ongoing pandemic, she continues supporting students with social, emotional, and academic needs, while also assisting parents with guidance and strategies for maintaining family well-being. Fluent in English, French, and Arabic, Oulaya brings a comprehensive approach to her role.

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