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Some information to help you get started in becoming an international school counselor...

First off you should know that there is no “one” international school counseling credential that you need to have to work in international schools. Schools vary in what they require, and can hire, in their country according to their school policies and government regulations. If you are interested in being a school counselor,  we can best advise you to seek out the credentials you require in your home country. Also note requirements can vary based on the state (for the United States), country (UK, Australia, Ireland, etc) and province (Canada, for example).

Please note: There are some international programs where you can receive a Certificate (which is not the same as a Counseling Credential and may not allow you to work back in your home country should you return) or get a Master’s in Counseling.

International School Counseling Model 

  • ISCA International Model 2nd edition has been transformed to equip you, and school counselors around the world, with the most up to date information you need to guarantee a successful school counseling program that aligns with best practices. Learn more.

Counseling Programs 

Below are some of the programs we can recommend, or know are recognized internationally. Again, it is not necessary that you go through one of these programs below. If you have a School Counseling Credential or Counseling Masters (or similar) from your home country or state, this is often what schools are looking for

Digital badges and certificates from courses designed specifically to equip international school counselors. Online and in-person options. 

Masters of Arts in Counseling: The College of New Jersey in Lisbon, Portugal

Master of International Counseling (M.Ed): Lehigh University or their domestic Counseling Program with includes Pennsylvania Certification: Lehigh University 

Certificate in International School Counseling

Certificate of International School Counseling

Summer Institute for International Counselors (College Counseling)

Ed.M. in School Counseling and New York Certification (Certificate of Advanced Study in School Counseling)

To stay connected to the international school community consider these actions

  • Our organization (ISCA) offers Annual Conferences where you can receive Continued Education Units (CEUs) ; many counselors have used the CEUs for recertification through their professional development.

  • Join ISCA and connect with other international school counselors!  We are an international association meeting the needs of counselors overseas.  Our ISCA members come from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. We are united by our diversity as we work in international schools around the world!

  • Attend an ISCA event.

Find a Counseling Job Internationally

Contact one of the following recruiting agencies to start the process:

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