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2020 Virtual Collaborative

During the entire month of October 2020, we had live professional development workshops, webinars, chats, movies and social events for International School Counselors.

There were at least three to four events/speakers/webinars and chats every day addressing topics that are relevant to you and your work as an international school counselor. People had the option to either attend live or view replays of all the resources and presentations, which will be available online until September 30, 2021. 

Even though the live event is over, you can still join and listen to all the workshops, access all the presentations and handouts until September 30, 2021- as if you were there live! It is so convenient. Think of it as a podcast specifically for your job! Register here. 


185 counselors were in attendance from 46 countries and 107 international schools! Susie March was the  keynote speaker.

To view all presentations delivered at this conference please click here. 

2018 ANNUAL CONFERENCE ~ Bangkok, Thailand, March 1-3, 2018

210 counselors were in attendance from 44 countries and 105 international schools! Ruth Van Reken was this year's keynote speaker. The thing that makes ISCA conference so unique is that we support K-12 counselors. At this particular conference, 26% of participants were elementary counselors, 14% were middle school counselors, 17% high school, 6% identified as college counselors and 13% were K-12 counselors! Not to mention the counselor educators and students in attendance, 11%. 

To view all presentations delivered at this conference please click here. 

2017 ANNUAL CONFERENCE ~ Prague, Czech Republic, march 9-11, 2017

At the conference in Prague we had 134 participants, from 45 countries and 80 international schools. 
29% of participants were coming from schools in Europe, with another 28% from Asia, 24% from the Middle East/Central Asia, 8% from Africa and 13% from the Americas. The keynote speak in Prague was Dr. Scott Poland. 

To view all presentations delivered at this conference please click here.

2016 Annual Conference ~ Lisbon, Portugal, January 30-31, 2016

The ISCA Annual Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal January 30-31, 2016. 106 counselors were in attendance from 36 countries and 61 international schools. Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke from Mindwell were our keynote speakers and led multiple workshops focused on Mindfulness.

2014 Annual Conference ~ Paris, France, May 17-18, 2014

The first ISCA Conference was held May 17-18 2014 in Paris, France. 49 counselors were in attendance from 18 countries, 29 schools and covering 7 regions. It was a wonderful weekend of professional growth and collaboration.

Testimonials on the International Model

"The benefit is tremendous. As an American overseas school, I follow the ASCA model, but it is not comprehensive enough to cover the uniqueness of an international environment and population."

"The Model give us common language across all schools! Having justification for appropriate caseloads, job descriptions, etc. Finally networking and unity!"

"Using the International Model helps educate school principals and heads about how to develop and support the counseling office"

"The International Model would eliminate the non-compatible parts of various national models that can display a high degree of irrelevance for international schools and students."

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