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International School Counselor Collaborative - A Virtual Event

October 1-31, 2020 

Our Program 

During the entire month of October, we will have professional development workshops, webinars, chats, movies and social events for International School Counselors.

There will be at least three to four events/speakers/webinars and chats every day addressing topics that are relevant to you and your work as an international school counselor. You have the option to either attend live or, if it is more convenient for your schedule,  you can view replays of all the resources and presentations, which will be available online for a year. Which means you still have the opportunity to learn and now on your schedule! 

We are really excited about this event and hope you are too!


Keynote: Dr. Sean Truman and 4-Module Course 

During the Collaborative Dr. Sean Truman will be delivering two keynote presentations where he will examine how and why mental health problems are on the rise, and system wide approaches to addressing these problems.

Additionally, throughout the month of October, exclusively through the International School Counselor Collaborative, Dr. Sean Truman and a number of Truman Group clinical staff will run a four-module skill building course, where each module builds on the material from the previous week. We are calling this effort Modular Monday which will be part of our Mental Health strand. During each module, participants will deepen their skills around managing mental health issues, including understanding the role of theory, learning differential diagnostic skills, and developing approaches to effectively intervene when students struggle with mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression and trauma. The courses will require active engagement and participation.

Featured Speakers

  • Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke from Mindwell will : "Shifting the Focus: Making Wellbeing Central to our School Curriculum and Culture." In addition they will run three (3) 90 minutes modules entitled: "Shifting the Focus: Making Wellbeing Central to our School Curriculum and Culture". This module is limited and you can register when you sign up for the Collaborative. 

One of the positive side-effects of the COVID-19 crisis has been the increased recognition of the importance of social-emotional aspects of learning and of the health and wellbeing of students and teachers. How can we build on this heightened awareness to make Wellbeing a central driver (and outcome) of our school ecosystems? Can we develop a more mindful school culture - one that engages the heart as well as the head - in a holistic approach to wellbeing in teaching and learning?

School counselors, as ‘the heart of the school’, are key to this process and in this 3 week course we will build on the MindWell Featured Presentation (October 7th) to provide participantswith a workshop space in which they can share experiences and explore practical skills that support the wellbeing of students, teachers, parents and themselves. We will use awareness-based approaches to help equip participants with the understanding and resources necessary to play a leading role in this vital shift of perspective in education towards ‘what really matters’. 

Weekly Docu Films including Q&A with Filmaker Scilla Andreen

60+ Counselor Led WOrkshops (to be updated regularly)

  • Trauma Informed School Counseling 
  • Wellness, CBT & Mindfulness for Middle & High School Students
  • Strategies and Tools for Effective SEL in Comprehensive Counseling Programs
  • Understanding Anxiety from Culturally Diverse Perspectives: Implications for Practice

Additional Features and Benefits 

  • 3-4 events/webinars a day focused on the professional development and growth of the K-12 international school counselor

  • Access to all presentations and materials for one year

  • Many of the events will be interactive and experiential

  • Meet college and university representatives from around the world

  • Access to services and tools to support your counseling program

  • Connect with exhibitors offering services and programs to enhance our work as counselors

  • Mentorship opportunities for new counselors (not supervision)

  • Professional development hours for licensure requirements

  • Live social events


Every day will be a new opportunity to learn and grow. We have themed the strands to the days of the week so that you can plan accordingly . 

Schedule is subject to change, please see below for an example of the strands we will be offering: 

More details of the exact events held on these days, and every day during October, will be posted by July 27th.


The International Counselor Collaborative is available to all international counselors or educators interested in developing their skills, connections and tools with regards to counseling practices, mental health, social emotional wellbeing and best practice school counseling practices. 

***If you were registered for the Conference in Bangkok please go to this page for more instructions

on your refund options.***


Dr. Sean Truman

Sean Truman spent the majority of his childhood in Nairobi, Kenya, where his father worked for the United Nations and his mother was a teacher at the International School of Kenya.  He attended college in the US and received a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Connecticut. He was a National Institute of Mental Health Fellow at the Yale University School of Medicine, where he worked both at the Child Study Center and in the Department of Psychiatry. 

He is a Licensed Psychologist and runs a private practice where he sees individuals, adolescents and couples. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Truman has worked as both a researcher and a professor of undergraduates and graduate students. 

In 2010 Dr. Truman co-founded, and is the Chief Medical Officer of the Truman Group, a practice that provides remote mental health consultation and care to expatriates living abroad.  He is responsible for the oversight of thirty clinicians. 

Dr. Truman is an expert in international expatriate mental health.  He has published in the area and is regularly sought out as a consultant in the international school community.  He works frequently with school leadership and school counselors and is involved in program and policy development in the communities in which he serves.

Dr. Truman’s work takes him to development organizations, government agencies and international schools around the world; he has provided consultation, education and expertise regarding mental health care and policy to organization administrators, international school leadership, faculty, as well as the larger expatriate community.  He has led continuing education and professional development sessions for school counselors.

Based in Minnesota, in the United States Dr. Truman travels extensively working with counselors, schools and individuals. Dr. Truman currently oversees an initiative to support school counselors in Africa. In partnership with the Association of International Schools in Africa (AISA) and with funding from the Office of Overseas Schools, he designed and implemented a program to provide consultation groups for counselors to improve their systems, programs and counseling skills. 

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