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student protection in international schools - a counselor's role

Course Title

Student Protection in International Schools - A Counselor's Role

Course Number

ISCA 301

Course Overview

In many international schools, traditional services offered through child protection services offices, social workers or others who take the lead as case manager are usually not available.  In some countries, the system is established with various levels of protection for students.  However, many are not.  School counselors take on many aspects when faced with a student protection case.  By taking this course you will be more prepared and equipped to lead, coordinate and be part of a Student Protection Team.

A.11. Bullying, Harassment and Child Abuse School counselors:

b. Report suspected cases of child abuse and neglect to the proper authorities and take reasonable precautions to protect the privacy of the student for whom abuse or neglect is suspected when alerting the proper authorities.

c. Are knowledgeable about current state laws and their school system’s procedures for reporting child abuse and neglect and methods to advocate for students’ physical and emotional safety following abuse/neglect reports.  (ASCA Ethical Standards, 2016)

Intended Audience

All Pk-12 Schools Counselors and Student Protection Officers who want to have a better understanding of the School Counselor’s ethical responsibilities and roles in student protection cases in international schools. 

Essential Questions

How might I leverage my role as a student advocate to ensure that policy, procedures and prevention programs are in place to protect the students in our school?

What is the best way for me to contribute to and influence the work of a Student Protection Team in my role as an international school counselor?



Participants will know:

Participants will be able to:

  • AISA Child Protection Handbook

  • key aspects of a comprehensive student protection program in international schools.

  • Use the AISA Child Protection Handbook to identify areas that are strengths and blindspots in our current schools

  • Create an action plan to continue the work at their current schools.

About the Facilitator

Cheryl Brown (M.A. International Affairs and French Studies, Certified Teacher ) has worked and taught in international schools thirteen years with nine years experience in high school counseling in Pakistan, England, Indonesia, China, Poland and Oman . Additionally, Cheryl has experience in working  in organizations around the world, including managing policies in an educational accreditation agency to improve and maintain standards and quality of educational programs. Cheryl has extensive experience working as a school counselor with expertise in comprehensive counseling programs, counselor leadership, consulting with international school counseling department, as well as student protection program design,  Cheryl is also an adjunct professor at The College of New Jersey.

Dates and times of offerings

Cohort 3: March 9 and 16, 2022 @ 14:00-17:00 GMT

Contact hours

6-hour course (over two sessions)

Time commitment between sessions

3-4 hours between Part A and Part B (of a Cohort)

Required Resource(s)

Participants will be provided all electronic materials including the AISA Child Protection Handbook.


American School Counselor Association (2019). ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies. Alexandria, VA: Author.

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