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One Trusted Adult: Foundations for Educators

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Course Overview

Research shows that when students can name at least one trusted adult at school, there are a tremendous number of physical and mental health benefits, as well as a proven increase in a student’s availability for learning. The problem is that on average only 40% of students can name a trusted adult at school. Of that 40%, most name the same 5 or 6 adults in the building - typically the counselors and the charismatic.

This 4-hour course will provide research-backed strategies for increasing both numbers. The OTA Foundations training provides language and resources for counselors and educators to work together to build strong connections and healthy boundaries with young people that lead to authentic, productive, and sustainable school-based relationships.

Brooklyn Raney, the founder of One Trusted Adult, incorporates story-telling and practical strategies in this training to equip participants with tools and materials they can begin using in their school communities right away.

This course will support you in providing strategies for your students to be able to:

Social Emotional Domain

Standard A: Students will demonstrate the dispositions, knowledge, and skills to develop and maintain positive relationships with self and others

Standard B: Students will make decisions, solve problems, set goals, and take necessary action to achieve personal goals.

This course is aligned to the following school counselor standards and competencies:

ASCA Ethical Standards (2022)

A.5. Sustaining Healthy Relationships and Managing Boundaries

B.2. Responsibilities to the School

B.3 Responsibilities to Self

ASCA Professional Standards & Competencies (2019)

B-SS 6. Collaborate with families, teachers, administrators, other school staff and education stakeholders for student achievement and success.

Intended Audience

School Counselors, Educators ,Advisors, Administrators, Teaching Assistants, Administrators, Coaches, Youth-Serving Professionals

Essential Questions

How can we ensure that every one of our students can name at least one trusted adult at school?

How can I build trust and strengthen connections with students while avoiding boundary blur and burnout?

How can I train and build capacity in all the adults in my school community to be the team of trusted adults students need?



Participants will have knowledge about:

Participants will be able to:

  • The ABC’s of being a trusted adult.
  • The BASICS (universal youth needs)
  • Boundaries and how they lead to trusted relationships that can be sustained.
  • The Caring and Comfort Zones framework
  • Understand the importance and urgency of why ensuring every student at your school can name at least one trusted adult is the best protective factor there is.
  • Apply understanding of the BASICS (universal youth needs) to set up spaces in your community where students can get their needs met.
  • Learn and support educators in your community to build trust and strengthen connections with students, while avoiding boundary blur and burnout.
  • Identify the four modes of care and how to team up with colleagues and parents/guardians to build a network of many trusted adults for youth.

About the Facilitator

Brooklyn Raney is the author of One Trusted Adult: How to Build Strong Connections & Healthy Boundaries with Young People. After working in schools for more than a decade, she founded One Trusted Adult, a company through which she has spent the past five years working with youth-serving professionals, parents, and guardians to develop strategies for strengthening relationships in homes, schools, and communities so they can best support the positive development of youth.

She is a research-practitioner who holds a BA from Colgate University, an MA in Educational Theater from NYU, and an MS in Education from the University of Pennsylvania, where she is currently a doctoral candidate. Brooklyn’s research explores the intersection of student perception, teacher sustainability, and parent expectation as it relates to an ethic of care in schools.

Brooklyn spends most of her time working with youth-serving organizations around the world to develop adults’ capacity and commitment for showing up in the best possible way for youth, while helping youth see the trusted adults around them as the greatest available resource for supporting their wellness and success. An experienced educator, school administrator, and facilitator, she has designed effective professional development courses, advisory programming, and student leadership trainings that are boosting school connectedness and improving educational culture and climate in communities across the globe.

Though often immersed in writing and research projects, Brooklyn will never miss a week of Girls Leadership Camp, an adventure with her mentee from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program, or a FaceTime with her nieces and nephews. She believes every adult must see themselves as an advocate of youth needs, a promoter of youth potential, and a defender of youth dreams if we are to prevent our biggest fears and promote our greatest hopes for youth today.

Brooklyn lives in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, with her husband, son, and two adventurous goldendoodles named Tuukka and Larry Bird.

Dates and times of offerings

March 1, 2024 to May 1, 2024 - Registration Link

July 1, 2024 to September 1, 2024 - Registration Link

October 1, 2024 to December 1, 2024 - Registration Link

December 2, 2024 to February 2, 2025 - Registration Link

March 1, 2025 to May 1, 2025 - Registration Link

Contact hours

4-hour course

*The course is asynchronous and consists of videos, short activities and a workbook, including reflections and materials to enhance learning. You will have 2 months to complete it from the 1st of the month for the time period you are registering for. 

Time commitment between sessions


Required Resource(s)



American School Counselor Association (2019). ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies. Alexandria, VA: Author.

American School Counselor Association (2022). ASCA Ethical Standards for Counselors. Alexandria, VA: Author.

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