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Course Title

Relationships and Personal Safety: A Focus on Consent

Course Number

ISCA 306

Course Overview

The aim of this course is to engage educators and counselors in conversations about consent, boundaries, coercion, sharing nudes, healthy relationships, slut shaming, sexual harassment and sexual assault so that they feel comfortable having these conversations with their students, administrators, faculty and parents.

Participants will leave with videos and tools that they can use to create a lesson and have individual conversations with their students.

Social Emotional Domain

Standard A: Students will demonstrate the dispositions, knowledge, and skills to develop and maintain positive relationships with self and others.

Standard C: Students will demonstrate personal safety skills

Global Perspective & Identity Development Domain

Standard A: Students will demonstrate the dispositions, knowledge, and skills needed in order to be culturally competent global citizens.

Standard B: Students will examine the complexity of identity development and the impact identity has on relationships with others.

Standard C: Students will advocate for a world where all identities are affirmed and validated

B-SS 3. Provide short-term counseling in small-group and individual settings

A.4. Academic, Career and Social/Emotional Planning d. Provide opportunities for all students to develop a positive attitude toward learning, effective learning strategies, self management and social skills and an understanding that lifelong learning is part of long-term career success.

A.7. Group Work

Facilitate short-term groups to address students’ academic achievement, postsecondary and career exploration, and social/emotional well-being.

Intended Audience

This course is suited to participants who are new to international school counseling as well as to those who have years of experience.

  • international school counselors
  • boarding school house parents and counselors
  • college admissions counselors
  • international educators
  • educational consultants

Essential Questions

How will I use the knowledge I acquired in these workshops to create lessons for my community?

How can conversations about consent and boundaries with my students affect how my students interact with each inside and outside of school?



Participants will have knowledge about:

Participants will be able to:

  • The definitions of consent, boundaries, coercion, sharing nudes, slut shaming, and sexual harassment
  • The connection between consent and boundaries and the boundary violations students face
  • How these conversations impact school culture
  • Teach students about consent, boundaries, coercion, what can go wrong when sharing nudes, how an appropriate understanding of consent decreases instances of slut shaming, and sexual harassment.
  • Discuss consent within a cultural aspect with their students
  • Teach students how to set healthy boundaries and respond to boundary violations
  • discuss the importance of these conversations with their SLT
  • Begin to develop a consent and boundary lesson for their students
  • Use videos to teach students about consent

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