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Thanks to the following ISCA Supporting Organizations:

We help schools develop a more mindful culture – one that engages the heart as well as the head, in a holistic approach to wellbeing in teaching and learning.  MindWell supports school communities with integrating mindfulness training and social and emotional learning into the curriculum and daily life in order to cultivate sound mind, body, and heart.

Summer Discovery & Discovery Internships offers the finest campus-based summer middle school and high school enrichment programs, and internship opportunities. Locations include UPenn, U Texas, U Michigan, Pace U NYC, Cambridge U , and Renzulli. Discovery Programs for gifted & talented middle schoolers.

The College of New Jersey launched their CACREP accredited, Master’s Degree in School Counseling program in Lisbon, Portugal.  The program prepares Professional School Counselors to work in K-12 school settings across the globe.   All courses focus on experiential learning and can be completed in just two academic years online plus summers face-to-face in Lisbon.  

101.Careers is the world's first one-stop, globally oriented Career Exploration platform designed for international students from age 14 and up.  For more info, please view the 101 intro video.

BridgeU was founded in 2014 to provide schools with a smart, modern university and careers guidance service. The platform provides intelligent university and course matching tailored to each student, helps teachers to support and manage the creation of compelling applications, and provides senior leaders with powerful analytics and reporting tools.

Saudade was created from my experience of living overseas and knowing that being an expat leads to a life of adventure, fulfillment, exploration, and challenges.  With my support expats incorporate wellness routines in their life, cope with the loss of their old life, and establish a sense of belonging in their new community.  Get support, and set your mind, body, and heart up for success as you transition to a new culture. 

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