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Final Call for Sponsors or Exhibitors 

International School Counselor Collaborative

October 1-31, 2020

The International School Counselor Association (ISCA) invites you to sponsor or exhibit to K-12 counselors from around the world at the International School Counselor Collaborative - A Virtual Event,  October 1-31, 2020. 

School counselors are essential to supporting students, parents and teaching staff; they are leaders in the development of social emotional (SEL) programming, and they support the mental health and emotional needs of all students. Now more than ever, school counselors need relevant professional development, access to resources and a strong network to learn from and connect with. We, the International School Counselor Association (ISCA), have shifted our annual conference into a month-long Virtual Collaborative with relevant, important, critical training and workshops to help counselors best support students and schools during this challenging time.

To support these efforts, ISCA has arranged several experts and practicing school counselors to present on topics related to mental health, social emotional learning, diversity and inclusion, self-care, mindfulness, wellbeing, etc.

Specifically, the Collaborative includes the following events :

  • Dr. Sean Truman will be delivering two keynote presentations where he will examine how and why mental health problems are on the rise, and system wide approaches to addressing these problems. Exclusively at the Collaborative, Dr. Sean Truman and Truman Group clinicians will run a 4-module course with a specific focus on mental health.

  • Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke from Mindwell Education will lead a 3-module course on: Shifting the Focus: Making Wellbeing Central to our School Curriculum and Culture

  • Ruth Van Reken, co-author Third Culture Kids, will present several workshops on cross-cultural identity and complexities of international students and how educators can help

  • 60+ workshops on SEL learning and trauma-informed practices

  • 3-4 events/webinars per day, focused on the professional development and growth of the K-12 international school counselor

  • Regional and divisional professional learning groups throughout the month

  • Access to all presentations and materials for one year (October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021)

For a full menu of the workshops and events please visit: https://iscainfo.com/Collaborative-Schedule 

Why be a Sponsor? 

We meet the needs of K-12 Counselors Overseas 

The International School Counselor Association has been providing professional development, support and resources for school counselors since 2010. We host the only conference completely focused on developing the skills, enhancing best practices and networking opportunities for EC/K-12 international school counselors. In this virtual event we will have over 300 counselors from over 50 countries actively engaging in and seeking the best resources and ideas available. 

All the workshops are geared towards improving school counseling programs; counselors walk away with specific tools, strategies and curriculum to implement directly into their school, appropriate to their role. 

If you have a product of service that supports the school counselor or school counseling program this is your audience. If you are looking to grow fast and reach an audience that is of quality, highly educated, influential in schools and school programs, then consider joining us. 

Where do attendees come from?

At ISCA we have designed our association and conferences to meet the needs of the K-12 counselor. No other conference, or association, in the world, has this niche. Over the last few years we bring together more elementary, middle school and K-12 school counselors than any other international conference. At this year’s event we will have over 300 counselors in attendance. They can engage on our platform for a year from October 15, 2020 to September 1, 2021.

What does it mean to be a sponsor?

If you have any questions about the information, please contact Cheryl Brown at cbrown@iscainfo.com


Step 1 -- Join ISCA as an Organizational Member on this website.

Step 2 -- Register for the conference at this website.

Step 3 -- Complete the Exhibitor Google Form that will be sent to you upon receiving your registration.  You will have an opportunity to choose how you would like to pay for all the items in one transaction.

Step 4 -- Prepare to Meet Counselors from around the World!  Over the next two weeks, you will receive conference updateemails. Additionally, your organization will be featured in one of our monthly newsletters that is sent to our full-membership.  We will also highlight all of our organizational members to our contact list so this is another way your services will be advertised to the wider international school counselor group.

About the International School Counselor Association 

The International School Counselor Association is a professional organization, which provides leadership and advocacy for the profession of school counseling in International Schools.

We provide resources, professional development and a collaborative network benefiting student success in our global community.

We are the only association that meets the diverse needs and addresses the comprehensive scope of work of the international school counselor. The school counselor role includes delivering and writing curriculum, individual counseling of students and families, responding to the immediate needs of the school community and supporting the school system with programmatic components that benefit student success. We are the only association that provides professional development for the comprehensive school counselor.

ISCA Mission Statement 

The International School Counselor Association (ISCA) is a professional membership organization dedicated to meet the unique needs of international school counselors working at international schools, benefiting student success in our global community.

International School Counselor Association is registered and licensed in the State of Delaware.


We have over 850 members and a database of 9,000 school counselors internationally. 

Conferences and Webinars

Since 2014  we have been hosting an Annual Conference at a different international location each year. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we redesigned our event to be offered online. Every year we have approximately 250 K-12 counselors from around the world attend our conferences.

Since February 2020 we have been hosting webinars on a variety of topics related to our roles as counselors during these times,  and we have had over 4,500 participants in attendance at our virtual events in the last six months. Participants not only included school counselors, but also school administrators, school psychologists, social workers, university counselor educators, medical professionals, classroom teachers, parents, and community mental health workers. 

The International Model 

In addition to membership and conferences ISCA published the first edition of the International Model was published and released by Brooke Fezler and Cheryl Brown through the Association of American Schools in South America (AASSA) and U.S. State Department Office of Overseas Schools, July 2011.

The aim of the International Model for School Counseling Programs is to provide a framework for encouraging and promoting best practices among international school counselors. By creating "Unity from Diversity" for international school counseling programs, the International Model will guide the formation, review, and improvement of counseling programs at schools all over the world.

The goals of the International Model for School Counseling Programs are to:

  • Consolidate best practices to develop a comprehensive and preventative International Model for school counseling programs.

  • Produce an effective model that is replicable across international schools-guiding counselors in what to do.

  • Provide a common language and vision for international school counselors to continue conversations and professional learning among the diverse international school counselor group.

  • Clarify the role of the international school counselor so that all counselors have a focused approach to their program, are supported by colleagues and administrators, and are guided in what a counseling program should look like.

  • Facilitate authentic collaboration within and among international schools.  When all counselors at various divisions, and in various cities around the world, are using the same counseling model and working towards the same goals, counselors can share resources about how each school is reaching their targets.

  • Develop unity from diversity. International school counselors have a diverse range of training and specializations, cultural backgrounds, languages, belief systems, professional strengths, and life experiences. This diversity has the potential to cause confusion and conflict among professionals with different interests, perceptions, and abilities. However, when all counselors at a school use the International Model, the best of what each individual has to offer is contributed to a unified vision, a single direction.

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