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requesting your professional development hours (pdh)

Thank you for attending the International School Counselor Collaborative 2021.  We hope you have had a chance to attend event live and/or have had a chance to listen to the recordings. If you missed any of the sessions, remember,  you will have access to the recordings and the materials until September 30, 2022.  We hope you will continue to access the Whova app to re-connect and to tap into the wonderful resources that have been provided by our presenters and exhibitors.

Request PDH Certificate for the 2021 Collaborative HERE

Overview of Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

The presentation and materials offered during the 2021 ISCA Collaborative have been developed by presenters to respond to the unique needs of international school counselors during the unique school year we are all experiencing.  The materials are also timeless as they offer insights and tools for our every day work as international school counselors.  We hope that you take advantage of requesting your certificate(s) for the session(s) that you have attended live and/or listened to the recording throughout the next twelve months.

When to Request Your Certificate of Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

Monthly Deadline: Since you will have access to the recordings and presentation materials until September 30, 2022, you will have the opportunity to request one or more certificates over the next 12 months.  

If you submit your request by the 26th of the month, you will receive an electronic copy of your certificate by the tenth day of the next month.  If you submit your request on or after day after the 26th of the month, your certificate will be sent to you electronically in the next round of certificate requests.

Examples of Possible Scenarios

Date Your Request Form Received

Date Your Certificate Emailed

September 20th

by October 10th

October 2nd

by November 10th

NB:  The final date that certificates will be processed for the 2021 Collaborative will be on October 15, 2022.

How to Request Your Certificate of Professional Development Hours (PDHs)

  • Step 1 --  Complete the Request for PDHs Certificate -- 2021 ISCA Collaborative Form.  Ensure that you have noted your complete (and legally required) name.  your certificate will be generated based on the information you provide.  Additionally, on this form you will check the box for each session you either attended live or listened to in its entirety.  Use your Whova app as a tool to find the speaker(s) names and presentation title(s).  Also you can use this link our website for each session description.

  • Step 2 -- As a reminder, take a moment to “Rate the Session” in the Whova app for each session for which you are requesting PDHs.  As a community of learners, your feedback and your insights are welcomed and highly valued by each presenter. The evaluation form offers space for your reflection and feedback.  You will find this form for each session in the Agenda section on the Whova App.

  • Step 3 -- After you complete your form, write your full name in the space provided.  Here, you are acknowledging that the statement at the end of the survey:   You are certifying that all the information noted above is correct regarding the sessions you attended live and/or listed to the recordings in its entirety.

  • Step 4 -- Submit the form.  As a reminder, review the submission deadlines for your certificates:

    • Requests Requests received on or before the 30th / 31st of the month will be processed and certificate sent by the 10th day of the next month.

    • Requests received on or after the 30th/31st of the month will be processed and certificate sent by the 10th day of the next month.

    • With our streamlined process this year, we strive to fulfil your request(s) according to the timeline above, or even earlier.

  • Step 5 -- ISCA will email the following items to you each time you make a request for a PDHs Certificate for the 2021 Collaborative sessions:

    • A signed E-Certificate that will include your full name, the event, and the number of PDHs earned based on the sessions marked on your submitted Request Form.

    • An attachment page listing the titles, presenters and number of hours per session.  Some licensing boards will need this information in order to approve your PD activity.  

    • As noted above we suggest that you also submit a copy of the 2021 Collaborative description as found on our website here.  

Submitting Your PDHs Certificate to Your State or Regional Licensing Body 

ISCA provides a variety of professional development opportunities throughout the year via our webinar or counselor chat series, training workshops on the International Model or via our larger annual events. International school counselors who attend our event come from diverse educational backgrounds. To keep up-to-dated on all the international licensing or re-certification processes and requirements for all the countries our school counselors have received their professional standing would be an impossible task.  However, we offer the opportunity for counselors to request certificates for the time that they have spent on their professional development through an ISCA event.  

ISCA cannot guarantee that its PDHs will be accepted by all licensing/recertification boards; it is the responsibility for each participant requesting a certificate of professional development hours (PDHs) to review the requirements of the his/her licensing or re-certification board.  ISCA does recommends to those who are submitting the PDHs for review by your state to also attach theCollaborative agenda and website so that the reviewers have a complete understanding of the event as well as the variety of presentations that were offered. 

For counselors who are certified/licensed in the United States, this website is a useful summary by state: 
Continuing Education Requirements (ASCA Resource)

What are the Differences between PDHs and CEUs and Credits?

The resource link above is very useful in understanding the difference before Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs).  However, you will also note that some licensing boards consider CEUs and PDHs to be of equal value.  And yet, other licensing boards will consider PDHs as the term used for contact hours that account for minimal two-way communication with the presenter/teacher.  CEUs might be awarded when there is more two-way communication and assignments or projects that are required.  And the highest level is for an institution to award credit from a credit-bearing institution such as an accredited university at the undergraduate or graduate level.

You will also note from the resource link that some licensing bodies will use a formula such as the following -- Example: 10 PDHs = 1 CEUs. And it continues with the following:  15 PDH = 1.5 CEUs = 1 semester credit.   

Even if you are not licensed in the U.S, take a look at the link above to see the combinations that states use as their threshold to re-license or recertify counselors.  This information could also be useful should your school want to track your total hours of professional development work for consideration for salary scale increases. 

Final Reminders

  • Throughout the next 12 months (until September 30, 2022) you will have the opportunity to submit multiple requests for your PDHs certificate as you complete the review of the recorded sessions you may have missed. 
  • Use this form for each request. 
  • Your certificate will be sent electronically so you can save it in your records for future use. 
  • Your feedback to workshop presenters is valuable; please take a few moments to record your feedback on the “Rate This Session” section in the agena on the Whova app.
  • If you have any questions regarding this process, please reach out to ISCA at the following email address:  counseling@iscainfo.com
Thank you for all of your continued support in ISCA.  We will see you at the next online opportunity!

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