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International School Counselor Week #ISCW2024

February 4-9, 2024

Celebrating Counselor Stories, Webinars, Resources, ISCW Posters and Cards,  and Membership Discount Code!  

February 4-9, 2024, we are celebrating the outstanding contributions of our school counselors during International School Counselor Week. This special week continues the theme of "Safe and Sound," dedicated to recognizing the pivotal role our counselors play in creating a supportive environment for student success.

We're thrilled to present a series of webinars designed to support counselor learning, contributing to the creation of safe schools and strong programs. At ISCA, we are committed to addressing the unique needs of counselors working overseas.

Let's celebrate and connect during this week of honoring school counselors and recognizing their impactful contributions to our global community. #ISCW2024

Celebrating Counselors - A Spotlight

We have collected stories of amazing counselors doing great work for students and in their schools. Every day this week we will recognize our colleagues who have made notable contributions in creating safer school environments, building strong programs, and in promoting mental health. #ISCA2024

FREE ISCW Webinars 

Aired on Monday, Feb 5, 2024 (recording available to all until Feb 23)

Who Cares? (And How?): Developing Positive Student-Adult Relationships at School

Research shows that ensuring every student feels cared for every day, is foundational for students’ availability and motivation to learn at every grade level. While the feeling of care might be simple, the actions and communication of caring for other people’s children at school are not. This webinar aims to outline research-based responsive care strategies for all adults working with youth, and specifically provide school counselors with tools to return to their staff to promote discussions on developing and maintaining positive relationships with today’s youth.

During our time together, we will:

  • Complete a personal care type assessment (Are you a Cheerleader, Challenger, Comforter or Coach?)
  • Identify signs of under-stepping, as well as over-stepping, in our caring role as educators
  • Strategize how to train all staff in responsive care communication
  • Discuss maximizing the benefits of adult care for students, and mitigating the potential for burnout in adults
  • Learn a specific strategy for setting up realistic and appropriate student expectations surrounding educator care

Wednesday, Feb 21, 2024 @ 11:00 - 12:00PM GMT

Live Screening: Screenagers Under the Influence

The screening will only be shown live. It will not be recorded. This is not for group viewing. Those who wish to watch the film must register individually. 

Screenagers Under The Influence: Addressing Vaping, Drugs, and Alcohol in the Digital Age, the third feature documentary in the Screenagers trilogy, delves into how the tech revolution has reshaped adolescence and its effects on substance use. The film debunks myths and depicts strategies parents and schools can use to encourage healthy decision-making, support teen mental health, set limits, and create healthy home environments. The film also includes many ways young people are using their wisdom and strength to help each other and themselves through this complicated terrain around substance use. 

While most documentaries about substance use focus on severe addiction, Screenagers Under The Influence fills a pressing need for a film that explores more common scenarios. The film is grounded in teens’ current reality of being flooded by images on social media, movies, and TV shows about vaping, drugs, and alcohol. Like the first two Screenagers films, Screenagers Under The Influence interweaves cutting-edge science with personal stories to create an informative and entertaining film experience for young people and adults alike. Screenagers Under The Influence focuses on practical solutions for keeping our teens safe in a changing world.

To bring Screenagers to your school visit this page. 

Friday, Feb 9, 2024 @ 10:00 - 11:00AM GMT

Counseling Equitably: The Role of School Counselors in Racial+ Equity Efforts in Schools 

Join Jacinta Williams, ISCA's Keynote Speaker at the Annual Conference 2024 in examining the role all school counselors play in facilitating Racial+ Equity efforts in our schools.

During our time together, we will: 

  • Strengthen our collective understanding of the role school counselors play in racial equity efforts on an individual and systemic level to create conditions for all students to thrive;

  • Identify  our current will and skill in the roles that school counselors play (considering each of our unique context and school conditions);

  • Learn and share with peers; and leave ready to complete a “do tomorrow, next week, next month” action plan.

 Racial+ = addressing  race explicitly and intentionally while never failing to recognize that other aspects and forms of diversity continue to impact our racialized experiences.

ISCW Posters to Download

ISCW Poster


Dear Counselor Notes 

To celebrate the invaluable contributions of school counselors, ISCA proudly presents "Dear Counselor" notes that you can send to your counseling colleagues at your school or around the world.

We have designed special cards as a token of appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the remarkable professionals you are.

Choose from one of the designs and either send the cards through email, social media, or even print them out. 

We encourage you to add a personal touch to your card by writing a heartfelt message, expressing your gratitude for the impact that counselors have on students, schools, and communities. 


Download Dear Counselor Notes to Share 

Download these tools to support your program!

ISCA Student Standards 

Request a free copy

Internationally recognized content standards for students that guide school counseling programs by outlining the specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of an effective school counseling program.

Annual Agreement 

Download A Copy

This document outlines the organization and focus of the school counseling program made between each school counselor and the administrator each year. (Editable document!)

Recommend and Not Recommended Tasks for School Counselors

Download a Copy

This chart represents a comparison between the two similar types of activities and serves as a helpful tool when explaining school counseling program activities to teachers and/or administrators.

All of the tools above are part of the ISCA International Model 2nd Edition and bank of editable and downloadable tools to support you as you build a comprehensive program.

Get your copy of the Model 2nd Edition today!

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