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International School Counselor Week #ISCW2023

February 5-10, 2023

School counselors are on the front lines and are integral to student success. They are the first point of contact for students and families, working to create a safe and supportive environment that allows students to reach their full potential.

ISCA's mission is to support school counselors by providing professional learning opportunities that enhance the knowledge and skills needed to become effective advocates for students. We are so inspired and encouraged by the stories we hear from our counselors, and we believe we must celebrate this!

From February 5-10, 2023, ISCA would like to take time to acknowledge, recognize and honor the vital role that school counselors play. During International School Counselor Week, ISCA will host a variety of events throughout the week to celebrate our colleagues who are dedicated to improving student achievement. Save the week!

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February 7 @ 2pm GMT 

5 Keys to Raising Resilient Kids and Teens

Speaker: Renee Jain 

Now more than ever, kids need to feel empowered as they work through anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty brought on by the world around them.

Don't miss the upcoming webinar 5 Keys to Raising Resilient Kids and Teens packed with practical strategies to help kids transform stress, academic pressure, social anxiety, and much more. This webinar will be presented by Renee Jain, NYT bestselling co-author of Superpowered, and founder of GoZen! & TeenToks.

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February 8 @ 11am GMT 

The Importance of the Administrator-Counselor Relationship in Building a Caring Learning Environment

Speaker: Graeme Scott 

International students are often challenged by continued mobility and difficulties settling.  Finding their place can be difficult and some thrive whilst others struggle.  This webinar will explore some of the ways counselors and administrators can work together to create a safe and stimulating environment where all students can thrive.  

During this webinar, we'll explore the relationship between school administrators/ leaders and counselors - what can go wrong and how best to leverage this potentially powerful partnership.  A culture of care, compassion and achievement is much more likely to emerge if there is mutual trust and a critical friend approach.  

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February 9 @ 11am GMT 

Organized Chaos: Organizational Tips & Tools for Professional Boundary Setting & Program Advocacy

Speaker: JamieLaDawn Roya

This workshop will explore organizational tools School Counselors can use to set professional boundaries. These boundaries will help protect our program and advocate for the importance of our role in the school.

We will also discuss how to amplify our voice at the leadership table through effective and data driven day to day planning. A new addition to this session will be resources for College Counselors to organize the university application process including communication tips for use with Grade 11-12 students and their parents.

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Share Your Story with Us! 

Tell us your story by sending us a message via our social media platforms or email (counseling@iscainfo.com), or FLIP video and we will feature your story on Social media platforms and on our website. We want to know your story about...

  1. I build belonging by….
  2. I love my school because….
  3. I love being a counselor because….
  4. An example of when I used a lesson I got from a professional learning event, in my work is when….
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Download these tools to help your program!

ISCA Student Standards 

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Internationally recognized content standards for students that guide school counseling programs by outlining the specific knowledge, attitudes, and skills that students should be able to demonstrate as a result of an effective school counseling program.

Annual Agreement 

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This document outlines the organization and focus of the school counseling program made between each school counselor and the administrator each year. (Editable document!)

Recommend and Not Recommended Tasks for School Counselors

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This chart represents a comparison between the two similar types of activities and serves as a helpful tool when explaining school counseling program activities to teachers and/or administrators.

All of the tools above are part of the ISCA International Model 2nd Edition and bank of editable and downloadable tools to support you as you build a comprehensive program.

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