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"13 Reasons Why" Resources

Here is a list of the primary concerns from Dr. Poland regarding 13 Reasons Why. Please review this list especially as Season 2 is set to launch May 18, 2018. Updated: May 9, 2018.

Webinar: Responding to “13 Reasons Why”, Recommendations for International School Counselors with Dr. Poland.

Go here for the 1-hour recording of the 2017 webinar. Here is the presentation by Dr. Poland from the webinar.
Recommended Suicide Prevention Programs/Curriculum
Recommended Websites on Suicide Prevention
Important points from the webinar
  • Update the list of resources of mental health services in your area.
    • Know what is available (hotlines, therapists, etc) in your community. Have easy access to this information.
  • Know the laws regarding suicide in your country. Is it considered an illegal act in the country where you are living?
  • Establish a suicide prevention team at your school. Conduct regular trainings with staff, parents and include curriculum for students. (Suggestion: Use this webinar as a starting point for conversations with counselors and administration. It would be a great way to spend a professional development day.)
  • There is a  strong association between bullying and suicide. Particularly with LGBT youth.
  • We need to spell out what it means when you say “vulnerable youth” should not watch the program.
  • Nothing about this program should EVER be shown in schools.
  • We need carefully plan units on youth suicide in classroom size groups or smaller. Do not discuss suicide in an assembly format. It does not allow for conversation or for students to ask questions.
  • Teachers need to have the facts. Provide teachers will “talking points” or a script. For example:  Mental health treatment 9 out of 10 who die by suicide are mentally ill. There are alternatives. No single thing is responsible for suicide. Bullying alone does not cause a suicide. Classroom discussion should stress to students what they do when they have a concern about suicide.
  • Counselors need to ask direct questions. Mr. Porter should have asked:
    • Hannah, are you thinking you don’t want to live?
    • Are you thinking of suicide?
    • Plan: Do you have a plan or method in mind?
    • Prior: Have you ever attempted suicide before
  • Notify parents immediately.

Professional Development

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