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Designing lessons for school counselors 

Hear more about this course from Kristine Mizzone, ISCA facilitator and Professional Learning Consultant

Course Title

Designing Lessons for School Counselors

Course Number

ISCA 202

Course Overview

School counselors are often tasked with developing units and lessons without having the support and training that teachers and curriculum developers have had.  This course is designed to build your skills in planning curriculum using the Understanding by Design (UbD) backward planning process.  Design time will be built in so that you may collaborate with others and receive personalized support from the facilitator as you create your lessons.  Upon completion of the course, you will have access to a “Lesson Library” composed of all the lessons created by your colleagues.

B-SS 1. Design and implement instruction aligned to ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors for Student Success in large-group, classroom, small-group and individual settings

Note: Focus will be on the ISCA School Counseling Core Curriculum Standards 

Intended Audience

PK-12 School Counselors who have already completed ISCA 201: Planning School Counseling Core Curriculum.

Essential Questions

How might we design our curriculum so that learners make meaning of “big ideas” and transfer the learning to their lives?

What is worth understanding in our curriculum? What is worth teaching?



Participants will know:

Participants will be able to:

  • The 3-stages of the design process of UbD 

  • Standards

  • Essential Questions

  • Enduring Understandings

  • Design curriculum plans that are well aligned to standards and are focused on desired learning using the UbD process 

  • Identify the learning outcomes/standards for a lesson

  • Unpack the standards into knowledge and skills

  • Develop Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings for the lesson

  • Create assessments, projects, lessons, and activities


About the Facilitator

Kristine Tesoriero Mizzone (M.Ed: Educational Leadership; Curriculum and Instruction) began her international school journey at the International School of Beijing where she served as Curriculum and Professional Learning Coordinator. Currently, Kristine is the Director of Learning at Benjamin Franklin International School in Barcelona, Spain.  In addition to supporting teachers with curriculum review and development, Kristine works with aspiring school leaders as an adjunct professor for The College of New Jersey.

Dates and times of offerings

November 11 and 20, 2021 @12:00-15:00 GMT

Contact hours

6-hour course (over two sessions)

Time commitment between sessions

Between sessions, you will be expected to finalize the lesson plan that you begin working on during the first session.  This will allow for us to give and get feedback on our lessons before submitting them to our very own “Lesson Library”.

Required Resource(s)

Please come prepared with:

  • resources that you may need to plan a lesson

  • Core Curriculum Standards


American School Counselor Association (2019). ASCA School Counselor Professional Standards & Competencies. Alexandria, VA: Author.

Wiggins, G., & McTighe, J. (2005) Understanding by design (2nd ed.). Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development ASCD

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