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Here are a number of relevant resources to support school counselors during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and subsequent school closures. 

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Webinars Hosted by ISCA (click on the links to access the recordings)

Non-ISCA Webinars 

Tele-therapy Services 

Bereavement / Grief Resources 

Plans and Protocols for Responding to Death of a Student or Staff

Angst Resources 

  • Dr. Jerry Bubrick, a Senior Psychologist in the Anxiety Disorders Center at The Child Mind Institute & Director of the Pediatric OCD Program. Dr. Bubrick provides specific tips for PARENTS to manage the Coronavirus anxiety in their home with the school closures: COVID-19 Tips for Families (PDF)
  • COVID-19 video w/ Dr. Jerry Bubrick
  • Angst has developed social-impact, film-based SEL lessons, activities, resources, tips and tools that provide up to 24 weeks of experiential lessons that are appropriate for ages 10+. To request information on the film-based SEL Lessons, click here. Please note that the curriculum COMES with a purchase of the movie. A sample of the Angst curriculum can be found here: Creative Coping Tools 


*Transitions & Celebrations
*Giving & Gratitude:
  • Brain Pop Video- This is a great clip for kids, explaining the virus and how to stay healthy. 

  • Coronavirus WHO (video) from the World Health Organization “What do you know about the novel Coronavirus that is causing a health emergency? “

  • GoZen - Videos, lessons and programs for purchase to manage stress and build resilience for kids. Resources for parents and educators to support SEL lessons online. 

  • Wellbeing Program: Dr. Hayley Watson is a clinical psychologist who has developed an online program focusing on the strength of peer stories to help youth discover both resilience and understanding in terms of helping others and seeking help.Additionally, she's also produced several videos for children, teens, parents and teachers to help support them during the pandemic. Feel free to watch to get a taste and to reach out to her for more info on her program. (Videos - https://openparachuteschools.com/covid and the Program - https://openparachuteschools.com/programs

Mindfulness for Kids
  • Smiling Mind - Smiling Mind is a great mindfulness app/website for the whole family (Age 7+). Many of our students use Smiling Mind in class as a way to help calm and focus their brains and bodies. 

  • Cosmic Kids - Yoga and mindfulness for kids ages 3+. This is a great resource and many kids have experience using it in class. 

High School related
Online Learning Resources 

Weekly Wellbeing Check In - MHFA England

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