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Re-Energize, Renew and Up-Skill at The Collaborative 2021

15 Days During September, October and November 2021

Collaborative Dates in 2021

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Comments from Collaborative 2020 participants...

I liked connecting with other counselors all around the World. The event highlighted the fact that we can continue to meet virtually and learn from each other. Of course, it will be great when we can all finally meet up in person again as well, but this virtual event helped to maintain already established relationships and to foster new ones.

1. The fact that it was virtual! 2. The opportunities to revisit videos after the live stream was over. 3. The opportunity to connect with others all over the world. 4. The energy of presenters. 5. The option of having access to materials for a whole year.

The time to connect and engage with counselors. It was such a needed support during these crazy times. It was also just as important to gain insight in strategies and initiatives other counselors and schools were going through just as much as here similar difficulty or struggles.

The connection with other counselors! 

The high quality of the sessions, the platform and the communication!

The way we were able to access live and recorded sessions, how they were spread out across the month with theme days, so we could dip in when time and energy allowed. I'm also looking forward to accessing these sessions throughout the year.

The presenters had a deep understanding of their topics and generous sharing their knowledge. The topics were varied and balanced.

The organization was amazing. Whova and the ISCA people made it so easy to use. They thought of everything!

This International community collaborative was such a tremendous experience for me as this is my first time to join. Great first impression!

Thank you all for providing this unique and high quality training! This was an amazing response to our changed circumstances, and the breadth of options was really useful. Also appreciate the downloadable materials and the ability to see programs that I couldn't go to in person, and more programs that I couldn't go to within the timeframe.

Collaborative 2021 Program 

Last year, we held a very successful virtual Collaborative during the month of October. The valuable feedback we received from our participants inspired us to make adjustments to the schedule in 2021 to better meet counselors’ needs. 


  • We will continue to feature a variety of high quality speakers and workshops that cover the breadth of an international school counselor’s role such as developing resilience and “up-skilling” our counseling approaches for the current and post-Covid realities.  As advocates for student success, mental health and wellbeing, the Collaborative 2021 will empower you with strategies and tools to re-energize your work in schools.
  • You will still have the option to either attend sessions live or, if it is more convenient for your schedule,  you can view replays of the presentations and access all the materials, which will be available online until September 20, 2022.  Counselors from last year’s Collaborative have commented that this benefit has been a great resource to continue their professional development throughout the year, on their schedule.  
  • We will continue to provide networking opportunities for you to meet and engage with counselors all over the world.  These connections will enhance your professional network, strengthen our community and promote the sharing of best practice.

What will change from the 2020 Collaborative? 

  • Instead of an intensive month-long event, we have decided to offer focused professional development (i.e. workshops, counselor chats, movie screenings, etc.) over 15 days throughout September, October and November.  
With a variety of live and interactive PD sessions scheduled over three months, this will give you the space and time to reflect, process and implement what you have learned.  The learning and connections don’t stop when we are not in session:  You have access to the recordings, materials, exhibitors, and most importantly, a secure way to connect with counselor colleagues around the world via the app until September 30, 2022.

Features and Benefits 

  • Access to all presentations and materials for one year, until September 30, 2022

  • Many of the events will be interactive and experiential

  • Access to services and tools to support your counseling program

  • Connect with exhibitors offering services and programs to enhance our work as counselors

  • Professional development hours for licensure requirements


The International Counselor Collaborative is available to all international counselors or educators interested in developing their skills, connections and tools with regards to counseling practices, mental health, resilience, social emotional wellbeing and best practice. 

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