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Draft Schedule - Workshops and times are subject to change.

Over the last two years, the workshops at the ISCA conference have included titles/subjects such as: 

  • The University Application Process as a Change-Agent: Helping Students/Families Grow Genuinely Through the Process

  • Addiction in Youth

  • The Importance of Story When Working with Cross-Cultural Kids

  • Suicide Prevention in Schools: What Counselors Need to Know

  • Unite a School Through the Use of Noncognitive Factors

  • Building Resilience and Wellness After School Tragedy: Tips for Caregivers

  • Expressive Arts Therapy with Groups

  • Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing: Supporting Mental, Social and Emotional Health in Your School

  • ‘What about Me?’  Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others

  • Cyberbullying and Bullying Prevention: It Takes a Village

  • Beyond Academics:  Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of ELL and LGBT Youth

  • Supporting Children of Adoption in the International School Setting

  • International Teaching: How to Help New Faculty Arrive and Thrive

  • Sea Change Mentoring: Relationship-Based Learning and Well-Being

  • Designing and Implementing Advisory Programs: A Tale of Two Cities

  • Collaborating in Wellness, Student Protection, and Crisis Teams to Address Challenging Student and Family Concerns

  • Self-Injury in International Schools

  • Contemplative Career Counseling: Using Design Thinking with Mindful Awareness to Help Students Direct Their Lives in the Way That They Want

  • Teaching Wellness Through Group Interventions

  • A Grass Roots Wellness-Boosting Program Any School Can Adopt

  • Bloom Where You are Re-planted: Using Creative Tools in Counseling to Help Students Survive Transition and Thrive in School

  • Guiding Teachers in Self-Compassion Work

  • 10 Strategies of Trauma-Informed Schools to Support all Students

  • Building an Effective Guidance Process for Internationally Mobile Students

  • Establishing A Student Council/ Student Ambassador Program

  • The Let's Talk Initiative- Engagement and Visibility

  • Using Our Story to Make a Difference in this World

  • Youth Suicide The Critical Role of School Counselors in Prevention Intervention and postvention

  • Supporting a School Community Through a Natural Disaster

  • An Introduction to Mindfulness in Education: Be Mindful, Teach Mindfully, Teach Mindfulness

  • Learning Analytics Visualizing Data to Support Student Growth

  • A Comprehensive Transition Toolkit Helping Ourselves, Our Students and Those Left Behind

  • Safeguarding Children in a Challenging World- A Presentation by Counselors for Parents

  • Happiness Engineering A Data Driven Model of Student Care and Academic Advising

  • Engaging Faculty in Therapeutic Approaches After a Traumatic Event

  • Shifting the Focus Balancing Mind and Heart in Teaching and Learning

  • Using School Based Trauma-Focused CBT to Support International Students Who Are and Have Experienced Trauma

  • Where There are No Mental Health Services

  • Non Suicidal Self Injury Critical Issues for Counselors

  • Embracing Cultural Diversity Counselors Cultivate Student Wellness

  • Is It ADHD? Or Is It Something Else?

  • Contemporary Issues in School Crisis Continued: More Specifics and Discussion

  • Parents Make A Difference: How Proactive Parent Opportunities Enhance Counseling Programs

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