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Pre and Main Conference schedule~ March 1 - 3, 2018

How are we supporting the “Third Culture Kid”, and their families, emotionally and psychologically? Is your school counseling program developing Wellness and the social emotional growth of students through school-wide curriculum? How ready are you to respond to crisis?

Below is the schedule for the 2018 ISCA Annual Pre and Main Conference March 1-3, 2018.

Workshop times are subject to change slightly.

The descriptions of all workshops are available here,

or participants can download the conference APP (please refer to your email for this link).


We will be offering two (2) pre-conference workshops: 

1. ¬®Nuts and Bolts of School Crisis Intervention - Strategies and Skill Building for International School Counselors¬® with Dr. Poland

The incidence of tragedies such as the death of a student or staff member requires that international school counselors be prepared to respond to these events to help staff, students and their parents.  The presenter has a wealth of practical experience in school crisis response and will help school counselors develop and enhance their ability to respond to traumatic events to manage emotionality, and build resiliency for staff and students.  

Overview of the Pre-Conference Workshop:

  • Identifying and Creating Crisis teams
  • Counselors will develop their skills and competencies in the following areas:
    • Presenting to school staff at a brief faculty meeting as soon as possible after the tragedy to provide them with the facts and support for their own thoughts and emotions. In addition, strategies to help students with the typical reactions students have to a tragedy will be shared with staff.

    • Utilizing the Sanford Processing Model and the NOVA Group Crisis Intervention Model with staff and students to facilitate identification of coping strategies, support systems and to build empathetic bonds.

    • Entering a school classroom that has been affected by the tragedy  and helping students with their thoughts and emotions.

    • Conducting a parent meeting after the tragedy to provide them guidance as to how to best assist their child.

International Schools Counselors will lead small group practice sessions during the workshop of the key concepts outlined in the demonstrations.

2. Full! "Journeys into Mindfulness-Based Wellbeing: Equipping counselors to lead their school community towards greater social and emotional health and wellbeing" with Kevin Hawkins and Amy Burke

How well are we? What does wellness really mean in the context of our schools?

How can we help our schools shift the focus to make SEL, and the affective skills in general, more central to our curricula?

This one-day pre-conference will provide counselors with the understanding and resources necessary to take the first steps in guiding their schools along this essential journey towards greater wellbeing. We will explore how mindful awareness training can be used as a foundational technique to help teachers and students develop self-care and enhanced relationship skills.

Key areas include:

  • Experiential understanding of mindfulness

  • Power and potential of cultivating resilience and awareness in teachers and students

  • Awareness of background and research in mindful awareness and SEL

  • Practical examples from various schools

  • Resources and tools that are available to support counsellors in taking this further

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